Visual Dialogue Training

DAAR, Utrecht  |  3x3 - 18/5, 8/6, 22/6 - 2018  

20171117 VD UCo_30.JPG

Visual Thinking is for everyone 

This introductory training is designed to allow us exploring something which we're already doing - communicating and thinking visually -  and to learn how we can upgrade these skills, enrich them with complementary tools and apply them in our everyday actions and settings. 

Throughout the three sessions we will focus on sharpening our simple drawing techniques, building a visual vocabulary and experimenting with how and where to apply these newly enhanced superpowers.

The 3x3 model offers the opportunity to ude the time between the sessions (2-3 weeks) to put the new learning into practice, in real life situations, and return with insights, questions and hands on expereince. Thus, expanding the time that we're putting our visual thinking muselces intp working out and sharpening our new skills. 

Those who have been courageous enough to participate in previous sessions walked out with a boost in their creative confidence and a bundle of tools and ideas on how visuals can now support all kinds of processes in their life, from strategising the launching of a new product to designing educational programs or simply to plan a personal wish to go around the world for a year. 

Want to chat and find out if this is for you? I'd love that, please send me a message through the contact page. 

Want to get a sense of what it looks like? head over to the impressions page with photos from previous training. 

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This event is initiated by DAAR and will be hosted at their brilliant space, which offers desks, coffee, lovely plants and so much more for creative createaros and anyone who's looking for a bright spot to work from.